Are you a cartographer or an explorer?

bars of manchester.jpeg

By Jenny Robins

You know how it is when you dive into a new area of interest? Suddenly you see echoes of it everywhere. That's maps for me. 

But first a slight digression. It DOES fit, trust me.


Oliver Jeffers - cartography journal

I've been hot and cold on Girls - sacrilege, I know! Some episodes work for me and some seem like one big hot mess. A stylish mess, but still a mess. Some Sunday nights I have trouble suspending ANY disbelief as I'm watching.

Last night worked. And not JUST because of Carol Kane and more so, the brilliant Bob Balaban (I'll watch him in anything. Add him to the scene stealer list of Mandy Patinkin and Oliver Platt). It just all hung together.


Paper sculpture of Jerusalem

The conversation between Ray and Marnie: bing, bing, bing. His admonition to Marnie to stop being a cartographer and instead be an explorer. Stop mapping and start doing.

And we're back at maps - told you it wouldn't be a long side trip!

paris map.jpg

Paris line map

I'm at the tail end of a SkillShare class - Map Design: Learn to Communicate Places Beautifully taught by the talented and gracious Anne Dittmeyer of Pret-a-voyager. Despite being only three weeks long, it's incredibly rich with content and resources. The project and assignments support the learning points perfectly. (I discovered this class through Adina of Gluten Free Travelette - reason #283 to have a dynamic online community. You never know what you will find).


From pret-a-voyager

I love to travel. The man loves to travel. And luckily for us, the girl who has no choice in the matter, also loves to travel. We are a family who travels. Who always dreams of travelling.

So if I put Ray's admonition to Marnie in the form of a question, "are you a cartographer or an explorer?", I'd have to say both. I might love to pour over maps and dream but I also can't help but get out there and explore.

How about you?

PS You'll be seeing more travel posts soon (I had a better turnaround between trip --->blog post last year). That'll be remedied.