Too much of a good thing

good thing

Okay everyone, I need your advice and tips and best practices. Gah...I've got a lot on my plate right now. I mean, it's ALL good stuff. Photography classes. Illustrator class. Collaborations. Planning and running an evening Salon. Meeting people online and in real life. Building my network. Creating all sorts of original content here. Working with sponsors. Speaking engagements.

There's me >HERE<. Where ye old blogge and I am right now with my skills and experience. And there's me over >THERE<, down the road, with more experience and deeper skills. In between? Feeling a BIT overloaded. You know, because I want to 

I have a HUGE sense of the clock ticking, especially when I REALLY only have a couple hours a day for this with all my real life commitments.

I'm getting distracted by all the shiny bits of paper and twine. I wanna do this and that and that other thing over there. I wanna meet this person and get to know that person. Up my creative game in all sorts of different ways.

It all fits with where I want to be personally and professionally - we're not talking about suddenly deciding to become an expert in artisanal cheeses 'cause it'd be fun.

Have we ever had SUCH a wealth of opportunities to learn and create and collaborate? This is what makes me happy and excited and inspired. But too much of it? Not so happy.

So my friends, how do I prioritize? How do I decide what to do, what to pass on, what to come back to later? And how do I become more patient with it all? 'Cause I want to do it all now. And get from >here< to >there<

be happy