You know it's ALT NYC when...

altnyccollage.jpg see some amazing shoes.


...everyone attending took the time to get a pedicure.

martha.jpg not only get to see Martha, but...

altnycfood.JPG get to eat food prepared by Martha's personal chef.

jensandragabby.jpg geek out meeting some of your idols WITHOUT being too stalkerish.

giuliaaltnyc.jpg meet bloggers that you follow online in real life for the first time (hi Giulia!).

...and you get to learn all sorts of new things. Inspiring things. Incredible things. Things like these:

  •  "collaborating is good for the soul, only good will come from it" - Tina Roth-Eisenberg of Swiss Miss
  • "it's about having a point of view" - Pilar Guzman of MSLO
  • "participatory art is the new cupcake" - David Koren of Figment

 And my favourite from Kevin Sharkey, Martha's right hand guy, when talking about how the looseness of bloggers has inspired him at Martha Stewart Living Magazine: 

"don't be sloppy for sloppy's sake".

You wanna be loose but not TOO loose, right?

It was fun and inspiring and tiring too as I was on west coast time - think about it people, I was up at 3am in MY time zone to get ready to zoom down to MSLO headquarters. By the end of the day at the rooftop deck party, I was wiped. 

But it was worth it for the learning and the networking and the crafting and the chatting and the good food and Martha. It's always worth it.

[photos of Martha and Gabby and Kevin by Justin Hackworth