What goes unspoken


Ace Hotel, Palm Springs - November 2012

You know that words are powerful, right? That's not a surprising comment to make. Good thing you're sitting down after all that American Thanksgiving turkey while reading this. But I learned this past weekend at Camp Mighty just HOW powerful our words are - for the good. For the good of our friends. 

Through this crazy blogging thingy I've met some wonderful, amazing, talented women. They inspire me. They challenge me to up my game, both in writing and in photography. They get me moving to do what I do better. They encourage me not to settle. They are part of my daily reads and I always look forward to see what they have created THIS time on their blogs.

I remember a conversation with a bloggy friend at Camp Mighty. It was during the Space Party when I sat outside on the pool deck with a few others. I remember encouraging this friend to follow her dreams and listed all the various talents that she has, all the ways in which she is so unique, all the ways in which I admire what she does. How her take on what she does is the cream that rises to the top of a number of others doing similar things. I got really specific.

And you know - I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't think I've ever told her those things before. I've thought them. I mean, that's WHY I read her blog every day. But I never said any of it til now.

How crazy is that? I mean, did I imagine that she could read my mind? Did I assume that OF COURSE she knew how highly I regarded her work?

So my happiness challenge to you is this - take the time to talk to your maker friends, your bloggy friends and tell them what you really think about what they do. Get specific. And when your friends do the same for you, take it ALL in. Breathe it in. Believe it. 

Don't let it go unspoken.